Residents urged to embrace ‘Umugoroba w’ababyeyi’

Ruhango District residents have been called upon to embrace and take part in the evening of parents commonly known as ‘Umugoroba w’ababyeyi’ through which communities will jointly discuss and resolve on challenges affecting them.

Inspector of Police (IP) Angelique Abijuru, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) of Ruhango, while speaking to about 400 residents in Byimana Sector, noted that some residents undermine the impact of this initiative, adding that those who have participated have actually found the solutions to their challenges in communities and families.

The meeting was held under the theme: “A household with no violence is a bridge to development.”

It was meant to fight issues related to gender and domestic violence that still exist in Byimana.

During the meeting, it was observed that most cases of GBV and domestic conflicts are largely caused by drunkenness and excessive drinking in particular.

“Umugoroba w’ababyeyi is partly a moment to reflect on the issues affecting the specific community, jointly find solutions. Give it value, be part of it and be part of the needed answer,” IP Abijuru said.

“Issues can be in the disadvantaged families like they can also be in well off households; people shouldn’t classify Umugoroba w’ababyeyi as for the disadvantaged only. This platform is for everyone regardless of your status – male or female, rich or poor – it binds you all,” she added.

He explained that some conflicts are caused by people, who in most cases consume illicit brew or gin, which lures them into assaulting their spouses and misusing the family income and property.

Monique Nyiramajyambere, the coordinator of Umugoroba w’ababyeyi in Kirengeri cell, appealed to the residents to “be one” in approaching issues they face, open up and use this platform to once again bring understanding and harmony in their families.

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