RMC visits suspects Mugabushaka and Kanuma

Rwanda Media Commission staff has on Friday visited two media personalities, Shyaka Kanuma and Jeanne de Chantal Mugabushaka, most known as Eminante,, who are currently serving a short-term jail sentence, in line to console them during the hard times they are getting through.

The visit was initiated by RMC staff members, led by the commission’s chairman Cleophace Barore, Vice President Jerome Rwasa, the secretary Emmanuel Mugisha and Lawyer Jean Paul Ibambe,

Mugabushaka has been working at Radio 10 before she was taken to Nyarugenge prison, known as 1930, while Kanuma is the chief editor and Managing Director of The Rwanda Focus and is serving his 30-day in Kimironko Prison.

However, RMC’s visit has no connection with their respective charges, but because they are just the commission’s members and the visited journalist were happy for the commission’s initiative as they are waiting for the court’s decisions on their respective allegations.

Mugabushaka and Kanuma both said that, “no violence has ever been exercised against us, during the detention and their current life as inmates and have nothing to claim comparing to what they have right to get as inmates”

RMC has appreciated Rwanda Correctional Service after allowing the staff to visit both journalists and for their good treatment of the journalists held in both prisons.

Mugabushaka has been arrested at the end of last year for corruption-related charges while Kanuma has being held in Kimironko Prison following charges on Tax fraud.

Should Mugabushaka be found guilty of the allegations, she could be penalized by article 635 of Rwanda Penal Code. The article states that ‘any person who explicitly or implicitly demands or receives gifts or any other illegal advantage or accepts it as a promise in order to accomplish an illegal act or refrain from carrying out his/or her duties, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of more than five years to seven years and a fine of two to ten times the value of illegal advantage demanded”.

On the other hand, if Kanuma is found guilty of the allegations he is facing, he could be penalized by article 370 of Penal code, which states that, “A person responsible for deducting withholding tax who deliberately fails to deposit it to tax authorities shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of six (6) months to one year and a fine equal to the evaded tax.

Rwanda Media Commission in a self-regulatory body in Rwanda. It is entitled to regulate everyday’s media functions, journalists’ behaviors during their career and access to information protection.

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