Rubavu: A whole month with no cleaning activities to Mbugangari Market

The management of Mbugangari market says it’s been more than a month since the cooperative in charge of rubbish collecting suspended its activities making loads of rubbish spread around the market and the citizens complain that it is a big challenge for them

 According to the market manager Yussufu Saiba, cooperative KOPIBU (Koperative Isuku kuri Bose) hasn’t appeared to collect the rubbishes since May 3,2017 and they have reported to each organ in charge and no solution was given. “we reported to the chief executive of the cell and the executive secretary of the sector, we reported even to the management of the cooperative but no solution could be found” He said


Yussufu Saiba

This problem of dirtiness in the market and its surroundings is a challenge to the citizens as some of them expressed their worries that it could end up in contaminating them various illnesses. Mukamana Jeannine said “flies therein are too many, none could dare go to eat in the restaurants around the market ,there is a very bad smell around it we really need a prompt help” interviewed the management of the cooperative and was told that the problem was due to the fact that the district owes them around eight million. This caused some of our employees to feel discouraged because they were not being paid.

Ndagijimana Innocent, The deputy-manager of the cooperative said “though the district officials say that we have not come to collect rubbishes for a month ago, there could come time that we come to collect rubbishes ,but the case was chiefly due to the fact that the district has not paid us since 5 months whilst the contract stipulates that the district shall pay a monthly amount of one million seven hundred thousand Rwandan to our company.

In a short over-the phone interview with Nsabimana Sylvain, the executive secretary of Rubavu District, said that the district officials are aware of the problem and that the solution is due to be found not later than today. “The problem was mostly due to the management of the cooperative, but we discussed with its officials that we hope the solution should be found not later than today” he said

He does not specify the basis of bad management of the cooperative though he promises the problem shall be resolved not later than today. It is however, worth questioning, how could a problem which was unresolved for more than five months can be resolved in a day unless much effort is done.

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