Rubavu: Good service to customers economically changes business

Service bearers in Rubavu declare positive changes in business. Their earnings grew faster in a small a time as customers enjoy good service and procure benefit. They cheer up to the government will of strengthening good service delivery policy.

“Up, up and away as the customers increase”. This is John Karega, a businessman in Gisenyi town explaining how his business has grown up. He says that he began his work by a restaurant, stepped up to retailing and is now a gross seller. “When you take care of the customers, they will go and come again, consequently make your business rise up without you know it!” he adds.

He is not alone in the benefits of good customer service. Munyana Sada gives another testimony  where she explains how she became a great person. In the beginning, she was a maid at a hotel in Gisenyi where she met a client who was going to change her life. “He came to the hotel very often because we took care of him as we did for the other guests. He proposed to found a hotel for which I was to become a mistress, “she said. Sada adds that since then she has been able to make a lot of money to the point of creating her own hotel.  “I became a full business woman thanks to good customer service! “she concludes.

In the same orbit, banks are the first to enjoy the results of good customer service. “Without them (clients), the bank will close, because they are the ones that make us work,” says a bank manager in Gisenyi. For him, a customer must be well received and cared for, for every person who wants his business to increase well.

The district mobilization

The vice mayor in charge of finance and economic development, Janvier Murenzi points out efforts and long journey, made by Rubavu district to sensitize the inhabitants about good service. “We started with the hotels because they are the first to encounter many people, especially tourists.

He says that the district leaders are very convinced, that a well-delivered service gives a good image to the district and the country in general, with tangible improvements. “It is clear that it can change our district from an economic point of view, and why not social” , he says.

In the national talk (Umushyikirano) held in Kigali from 15 to 16 December 2016, the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Kagame, stressed the importance of good service and urged all leaders to be role models. As for the population, the president said “if you do not react receiving a bad service, you might have have problems too!”

The RGB report published in November 2016 shows that 67 out of 100 people, in the whole country, claimed to have benefited from good service.

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JB Karegeya &T Kaberuka

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