Rubavu: Nicknamed gangs ‘Abazimbabwe’ accused of raping, robbing

Rubavu residents mainly in Nyamyumba and Kivumu sectors have been complaining about the groups of young robbers who take away their belongings and sometimes involve in raping women.

The gangs nicknamed ‘Abazimbabwe’ to mean someone from Zimbabwe are from nearby places where they harvest others’ crops and the resident threatens to be killed whenever they stand up for their ownership rights.

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Some raped women opt quietness to avoid humiliation from the society as described by resident. “Some women no longer join their farms to weed out their crops fearing to be raped and violated. In fact, they are victims who opted to not reveal that they were raped in case they should meet Zimbabwean revenge.”

One of the resident said, “When you meet Zimbabwean (one of the gangs) you leave him free of doing what he wants to rescue your life,… I met him and forcibly carried out his burden but nothing I should do only to keep quiet and concede.”

Mayor of Rubavu district, Jeremie Sinamenye said in a press conference that it was for his first time to hear such lethal gangs group.

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On the residents allegations that leaders easily release the wrongdoers, Mayor Sinamenye stated that those suspects released due to the fact residents boycott courts processes considering they should handle such cases themselves while witnesses also needed to prove such offenders guilt.

The gangs ‘Abazimbawe’ (Zimbabwean) said to have been there for three years. Some pointed out gangs namely Maniriho and Rusatsi who lead others. The people’s worries are that they (Abazimbabwe) are always released when they are arrested.

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