Rubavu: Polygamy and Polyandry, a crucial problem in Nyundo

The problem of Polyandry and polygamy among families in Rubavu District is a crucial, especially in Nyundo sector. This is caused by illegal marriage that pushes the spouses to be involved in sexual activities outside.

Some of the citizens of Nyundo sector confirmed that the illegal marriage is the cause of Polygamy and polyandry in this sector because the spouses in this situation do not feel involved to responsible of the family and they do not even fear the law.

One of them, Yussouf Maherezo said that” Some of husbands leave their wives to marry others girls and also the wives leave their husbands to be married with other husbands. This is due to causes such as: Scarcity of women, Social Customs where there is conflicts in family, Extreme Poverty and the desire to keep the property of the family”.He added that this can be also influenced by the neighboring families”.

They also confirmed that they know well the effects of this act and added that if they are married legally this should help to be responsible of their properties and look after their children.

Mukasekuru Jeanine said” Illegal marriage is the cause of domestic violence among Rwandan families and it has negative effect on children rights, their education and their social wellbeing”.

In Nyundo sector this situation is seen at a higher rate than in other sectors of Rubavu district.

If the spouse is aware of the illegal marriage, took part in order to reap financial benefits from the other spouse, they could face additional fraud charges. In 2015-2016, the report on this situation in Nyundo sector said that 1200 of family are illegally married and the situation today, a half of them are engaged legally.

The axecutive Secretary of this sector, Tuyisenge Jean Bosco confirmed that the situation is worse in Mukondo cell.

He said ” This situation becomes worse in Mukondo cell,  and we are planning to end it strategically.”

He added, “we are sensitizing the population and advise them on the situation in this cell and we suppose to end this situation totally at the beginning of this annual budget of 2017”.

Other strategies that could be proposed are to facilitate two partners to live legally by joining them in them cells or villages. This years in Gatovu cell, 22 families were facilitated to make their civil marriage at their cell office.

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