Ruhango: Armed bandits attack bank, a newly married female cashier dies

At around 6.00 pm yesterday October 24th, five armed bandits attacked Buhanda BK branch in Ruhango district. A newly married woman namely Kessy Muhawenimana lost life, three of workers injured; robbers took money away in bags.

Buhanda is a big business center located in Ruhango district in southern Rwanda, about 30 kilometers from the main road to Huye. It is located in former Kabagari region, between former comunes of Murama and Masango, both of Gitarama prefecture.

According to local sources, all five thieves had a gun each. “They started by stabbing the security guard with a knife on the shoulders, while his fellow exchanged bullet with robbers. They got inside the bank in three, others stayed out controlling the vicinity”.

The late Kessy Muhawenimana was married just three months ago in July 23rd 2017.

The branch manager,Sylivain Rubayita is among three injuries, and was taken to Gitwe hospital then transferred to Kigali King Faisal hospital for advanced treatment.

A short time after the sad incident, many people came to the center, with security services and local leaders.

Last month, the same bank was attacked, but the attempt failed due to security intervention.

From sources to, on every Tuesday, the van from BK head quarters supply Buhanda branch with money, as Wednesday is a market day there.

Moreover, this is not first time banks are attacked in Buhanda: four years ago, the Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR) was the target of robbery, money was stolen and one staff died.

This Wednesday morning, a meeting at the place was held by the southern province Governer, Rose Mureshyankwango, in which  local police and army also participated.

Kessy Muhawenimana, Buhanda BK branch agent who died, three moths after mariage. RIP

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Jean Baptiste Karegeya

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