Ruhango: Thief shot dead over bank attack

Sunday, early morning, an unidentified man is shot dead at Byimana SACCO, by security services. He was suspected of stealing money from the Bank. As he had a machete, he tried to fight the security men who shot him and killed him.


People in vicinity say the band was made of 3, but the dead was the one to have entered. Umugwaneza Francois d’Assise was the first to call security agents over Bank attack, and the building was circled. The guy was inside, while the two fled away. “They came around 1.00 am, but security agents waited until 5.30 to capture him. As he had his machete, he fought them and was shot to death”. His corpse is in Kabgayi Hospital for further examination.

Talking to, authorities attest no money was stolen, because the 6millions were safe there.

The Bank is in decline

Members and customers of this SACCO were gathering in its ground this morning. The Bank is said of bad management, such as offering extra loans over its capacity. Some anonymous sources say the guy was not targeting cash, but documents to disguise facts.

Recently, the central Bank has warned the management of Byimana SACCO for many mistakes, and the staff should resign. According to anonymous testimonies, some members are withdrawing their capitals for reasons of security.

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Jean Baptiste Karegeya



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