Rulindo residents are ready for the presidential elections

Residents in Rulindo, northern province are already prepared for presidential elections of August 4th, as required documents are ready: ID, voting card; and have checked their names on the voting list.

Virginie Mukantabana, is a businesswoman in Gasiza Market, Bushoki Sector in Rulindo District. She says the date of elections is too far. She has all required documents to vote, including an ID and a voting card and is sure she is on the voting list, after having consulted the elections volunteers to check.

“It is everybody’s secret when it comes to who we will vote.  So, I, too, have already made my choice concerning who is my right candidate to vote. I know we will have more than one candidates on the list on which we will refer to choose who is right for me, but I am also aware that I will vote the candidate who has been influential on what I have achieved so far. You vote a candidate basing on what is convincingly important he has done for you,” she added.

Mukantabana says people in Rulindo are yet to see the candidates who are in process of searching signatures, which are among crucial requirements needed to be allowed to be a president candidate, but, surprisingly, she already made her choice and put aside anyone else, even if they use money to attract her and admits she will accept the electoral results.

“Whether s/he [my candidate] wins or loses, I already made my decision that I will vote him/her. Money cannot push me change my choice because I am living in peaceful country and I believe peace is better than money. I am ready to accept the results from the elections body to see whether y candidate wins or loses,” she adds.

Idarlick, the Executive Secretary of Gasiza Cell, says positive people in the area have got to know their role in voting and are more interested in participating in the upcoming presidential elections at an incredible turn up.

“People are more interested in voting than ever because they already know the significance of elections right now. They felt responsible and more interested in voting since they had influenced in last years’ referendum elections on the amendment of the constitution’s article 101,” he said.

“We hope to meet them when they are interested in searching signatures in our cell and, surely, we will help them in any possible inquiry because it is their right, too, because they are not strangers but Rwandans like us. We cannot interrupt them while meeting their people who are interested in their activities. What we cannot tolerate is that they visit our area and start meeting people without communicating to the local administration,”   he said.

Gasiza has 4567 residents among whom a total of 2897 are registered to vote, while 714 among them are youth. These presidential elections ahead, will provide various choices, as already four have declared to compete the ruling President Kagame.

Those include Dr Frank Habineza from Green Party, and three private candidates, namely Diane Rwigara, daughter to late tycoon Assinapol Rwigara, Gilbert Mwenedata who lost last parliamentarian elections, and Philippe Mpayimana, former journalist who recently repatriated from Europa.

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