Rusizi: Remote schools face loss, 14 teachers in a 5 students class

Heads of boarding schools in Rusizi are facing a loss, because only half students reported. In a school of 311 students capacity, only 156 are in Nkanka College. While expecting 92 students in available places available in S1, only 5 have reported; and 34 over 138 are registered in S4.

Emmanuel Habimana, is the Head teacher in Nkanka College, Nkanka Sector of Rusizi. Talking to Imvahonshya, he says REB has not met their request. “We have two rooms for 92 students in S1, but REB gave us 43. The majority was from Eastern province, hence, only 5 are here”, he says.

Back to S4, the school was expected to host 138, but only 34 are in boarding. For the whole school with a capacity of 311, only 156 are there, what causes loss.

This deep loss has been progressive since previous years, as in 2016 the hosted 122 students over 248 available places.

He adds “we’ve been meeting district and REB, explaining the loss we face. If we use 50,000Frws on electricity for a school of 300, then we have only 150 this is a loss. Moreover, imagine 14 teachers in a 5 students class, number of teachers becomes bigger than the students’, this a loss”.

“The more students’ number decreases, the more teacher’s bonus decreases and they’re less motivated and move away. Addition to that, we can’t invest in equipment as we get less cash”, Emmanuel Habimana, Head Teacher in Nkanka College.
As a solution, Emmanuel suggests that students should be oriented considering their native areas. When the school is far from home, with higher school fees, plus transport, parents and students prefer going in 9&12 YBE. This is the case in Nkanka College, students from Southern and Eastern Provinces have never come.

Emmanuel Nsigaye is Deputy Mayer in charge of social affairs in Rusizi. He agrees with loss as Nkanka officials raised, but recognizes the case as general in Rusizi. However, he hopes negotiations with REB will come up with solutions.

“We prepare everything for students to come, when they send those from farther, they don’t come, regardless our preparedness. But we hope a solution from REB”.Negotiations are on the way, between REB and Rusizi district leaders, to overcome this big challenge.

According to one Head teacher in a public school of Kigali, the loss is there, due to bureaucracy. Knowing that parents miss schools for parents, while schools claim for empty places. She says “places in S1 and S4 are under responsibility of REB. No simple Head Teachers can enroll a student there. When students don’t come, we report to REB, and wait, but it is too late”.

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