Rwamagana: Four killed one week, evil of indignity

Rwamagana district has been in media for long, due to sudden killings last years. This week, the evil woke up again: a teenager girl is raped and killed in Bicumbi, an old man is killed over robbery allegations, and two young boys are thrown in river by father in Rubona sector.

Monday February 6th, unknown boys raped and killed a teenage girl in Mwurire sector. Uwase Claire, 16 years in secondary school, died of rape, when she was from fetching water. Suspects include a former houseboy at Claire’s, who pretended to be her boyfriend but in vain.

Only one day after Uwase burials, February 9th, in Rubona sector, Munyarukumbuzi left home with his two sons towards Bugesera region, but came back alone. He has thrown boys in Akagera River. The two boys are Feza Jean d’Amour, 14 years and Niyogisubizo Elissa of 13 years. The father is regretting.“ I don’t know what took me, but the boys used to steal and I was fed up with. I pushed them in Akagera, and I observed myself their drowning, with my eyes”, he says to Police.

Two days later, in Gahengeri sector an old man is killed over thievery allegations. Night guards in a banana plantation beat Ibyimanikora Oswald, 59 years, until he dies. Saturday night, February 11th, people stolen banana, some fled and some were caught on field. However, Oswald was not caught on field. “The guards suspected him and took him from his home, beaten him to death”.

Police in the Eastern province worries about this lack of humanity, decrease of dignity. The local police spokesman, IP Emmanuel Kayigi is deceived by this behavior, when a child kills his parent and vice versa, when people prefer punishing rather than appealing to jurisdictions. “If Government removed death sentence, why simple people still kill neighbors?” Asks IP Emmanuel Kayigi.

Radjab Mbonyumuvunyi, the Mayor, is also worried, and takes the situation not normal. He advises parents not to send children out overnight, and pleads all people to protect others as their own.

 Meya wa Rwamagana, Mbonyumuvunyi Radjab

Radjab Mbonyumuvunyi , the Mayor of Rwamagana

Statistics from EICV 4, rank Eastern province on first position with 25,2% in crimes of murder and non-negligent manslaughter. Among 428 cases in 2014-2015, this province keeps 108. Regarding crimes related to intra-family conflicts, 271 cases occurred in 2014-2015 (NISR). These are murder, assault and suicide cases related to family conflict. Numbers include victims of homicides, assaults and suicides, done between spouses or concubines.

IRDP, the Institute of Research on Dialogue for Peace declares that Family conflicts are becoming a major problem to security and threaten welfare of Rwandan families. This is because, in the two decades following the 1994 genocide against Tutsi, the Rwandan society witnessed family members that have quarreled to the extent of killing one another. Despite efforts to promote family in Rwanda, this a challenging matter to development, as Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary General said, “Development is dignity or it is nothing. The opposite – development without dignity – is not worth having”.

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