Rwamagana: Min. Musoni, Governer Judith and IGP Gasana conducts solar home systems handover

Activities to mark the 17th anniversary of the Police are going on. This Monday, around 108 households in Nyakariro Sector of Rwamagana District receive solar energy.

The event was presided over by the Minister of Infrastructure, James Musoni, in presence IGP Emmanuel K. Gasana and the Governor of the Eastern Province Judith Kazayire, among others.

The handover of the solar systems to beneficiaries, was combined with inauguration of clean water source in Gatare village, and a community work umuganda aimed at constructing a road to link residents with other villages.

Minister Musoni, while addressing thousands of residents, noted that development goes with sustaining what has been achieved.

He said that it’s a “government policy to extend social infrastructures such as roads, water and electricity to rural areas in order to support development” and commended RNP for going beyond physical security to supplement such community development agenda.

At least 108 households in Gatare Village of Gatare cell in Nyakariro Sector, Rwamagana District will no longer have to depend on kerosene or firewood as their source of light after this gift by Rwanda National Police.

Beneficiaries are thankfull to President Kagame and Police, for promoting peace and security. Concilie Kabalinda, 53, expresses gratitude, after the heifer given to her by youth volunteers, and a solar home system by Police. “I thank President Paul Kagame for promoting peace and security; our police are also very friendly unlike in the past. I will now be able to read my Bible at night. I thank these youth for giving me a cow, which I am going to take good care of”, she says.

Back to Ernestine Nyarandorimana, “Thank you police for bring light to my house. I am now able save all the money that I was spending to buy batteries for my torch at night. I pledge to continue fighting any unlawful tendencies in my village.”

And Epimaque Muvunyi, 47, a father of four, says: “My children will now be able to read and revise their notes easily; I will now be saving money that I was spending buying paraffin. Thank you Police for fulfilling our President’s promises.”

The guest of honor, Minister Musoni emphasizes importance of peace and security on development, and says,  “Peace and security are key pillars to fostering development; every effort has to be made to sustain the prevailing peace but also use it to develop ourselves and eradicate poverty, which can also be a security issue.”

IGP Gasana thanked residents of Rwamagana for joining Police efforts to keep their communities safe and secure.

“Fighting crime is a collective effort between community and law enforcement agencies; it is today a proactive approach where it is the duty of everyone to fight lawlessness rather than the old-fashioned reactive approach which creates a gap between the people and security organs,” the Police Chief said, also commending  youth for their continued social protection and security activities.

Governor Kazayire, on her part, thanked RNP for empowering communities to improve their livelihoods.

The police week started on May 16th to end on June 16th. Solar home system to 3000 households and 30 health centers countrywide, clean water facilities, are among activities of the week.

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