Rwanda always comes ahead when it comes to talking about the best-Gen Mubaraka

RDF Commander-in-chief in both Kigali City and Eastern Province, Gen Mubaraka Muganga insists Rwanda comes ahead among the most best countries, while the second is up to be contested by the rest.

He was speaking to youth form Genocide Surviving Students’ Association (AERG) and those from former Genocide Surviving Students’ Association (GAERG) during the AERG/GAERG Week initiative held in Nyagatare District

He talked of Rwandan Army’s heroism and the country in general, the way they successfully pass different peacekeeping missions, for which he concludes that Rwanda is the best, and the rest fight for the second spot.

He said, “Actually, I am used to saying that among two best countries that I know, I only know one, which is simply Rwanda, the rest fight for the second spot and in a proper way. If not, they come calling Rwanda, ‘please help us, save us’ and we hurry up for it and find who to leave it temporarily’

The youth were following his remarks carefully when he said that he does not feel happy to hear them saying that there are some jobless youth among them, and promised them that the issue will not last longer, that he is ready to tell them whenever there is an opportunity.

“Maybe you are jobless and you are temporarily out of work, but if an opportunity comes, I cannot take anyone else [but you]….our leader trained us well and found us a way to the market”

He called of the youth to always be ready, keeping in mind that Rwanda never get attacked, but attacks. “That’s why you need to be ready, your issue will be addressed,” he said.

A lion never jokes with a dog

Gen Mubaraka also reflected to those who still have Genocide ideology, says that they are those who missed who to terrorize. He urged youth to ignore what they say and look ahead.

“ a genocide ideology holder, unless he commits suicide and die, when he tries to get it to you, just leave him and go to avoid his evil plans . Just leave him and go away from him, a step forward. We want a better future,” he told youth.

He added that there is no job in being interested in those who have Genocide ideology.

“Do not expect a job from them. We even escaped a place which is 89 times bigger than Rwanda in addition to 11 more areas we traveled to. Those are nothing, we have no interest in them,” he said.

“Get away from Genocide ideology holder and leave him alone. They say no lion is eaten by a dog, that’s why when a dog barks, a lion leaves saying, ‘let me leave’” he added

He also talked of Rwanda Defense’s heroism during their peacekeeping mission duties and says, our leader says and we listen to him. He tells us ‘you leave this place, go and stop by there’ then we leave here until we reach a place 89 times bigger than our country [which he avoided to reveal] we arrive there and successfully return after some days”

We can’t wait for his go ahead and we immediately, which he says for a specific purpose, which is for all Rwandans’ interests to prove wrong doers that they no longer have a way to repeat what they did’

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