Rwanda to eradicate malnutrition


Rwanda undertakes plans to provide nutrients to vulnerable families all over the country. This aims at eradicating malnutrition in children. The fact is the creation of AIF(Africa Improved Foods) plant, based in Kigali special economic zone.

Food enrichment consists in adding micronutrients to improve food quality, that could help users develop optimum metabolism with normal growth. On behalf of AIF Rwanda, Prosper Ndayiragije, Managing Director, says Rwanda is worrying about nutrition of all citizens. “Our company produces improved food to mitigate malnutrition in children, on behalf of Government of Rwanda and WFP (World Food Program).We are already delighted for improving lives of Rwandans and vulnerable groups in particular”, he declares.

aif-rwandaAIF would be making 45.000 Tones annually, enough quantity to break malnutrition in younger children, and contribute to exports. Geraldine Mukeshimana, The minister of agriculture and animal resources is hopeful about quality and quantity of AIF’s products.

“Rich food is deemed as appropriate means to fight nutrition impairment, otherwise malnutrition will remain endemic, ravaging our population”, she says.

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According to statistics, malnutrition in children decreased from 52% in 2005 to 38% in 2016. However, the stunting rate is still high, with much anemia due to lack of enough iron, folate and A&B12 in children. In some district, more than a half of children are stunting, namely in Nyabihu 59%, Ngororero 56% and Nyamagabe 52%.

Meanwhile, Rwanda has deployed much efforts to overcome famine and malnutrition. PPP (Pro Poor Programs) are in place, such VUP (Vision Umurenge Program), Girinka (One car per family), One cup of milk per child, etc. Instead, food security and nutrition remain major challenges to EDPRS II (second Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy).

Jean Baptiste Karegeya

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