Rwanda has a good, but ‘not irreplaceable’ leader- Me Gatete

Me Thierry Kevin Gatete says the process of voting constitutional referendum in favor of current President Paul Kagame, which could have banned him from consteting for another term as president and allowing him to stand a chance to lead a third term instead, could cause danger on Rwanda.

“Although i am well aware that it’s[third term extension] what the majority of Rwandans want, i feel uncomfortable because of making it a one-man constitution,” said Me Thierry Kevin Gatete in an interview with Jeune Afrique.

In July 2015, Me Gatete, a human rights expert and lawyer, last appeared before the Supreme Court to defend Democratic Green Party of Rwanda in a case about Rwandan constitution protection, appealing that it should not have been changed when Rwandans were on their way of petition to approve the constituional ammendements.The opposition Democratic Green Party attempted to block the changes, but saw their bid to do so rejected in court.

Me Gatete told Jeune Afirque that change the constitution seems like trying to bring danger to the future of the country, adding that,” although Rwanda has a good president, he should not be considered ‘irreplaceable’ ”

Me Kevin Gatete concluded saying that he does not want to see, in history, that there was a small number of people’s voices, which were against changing the 101 article in Rwanda’s constitution but were completely overlooked.

The presidential elections are scheduled to take place on August 4th, 2017.

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