Rwanda ranked 3rd in Africa in Anti-Corruption

Transparency International, a global anti-corruption watchdog, has on Wednesday released a new Corruption Perception Index 2016, that saw Rwanda tie with Mauritius to become the 3rd least corrupt country in Sub Sahara Africa.

The results from the research which was conducted in 2016 in 176 different countries worldwide see Rwanda claiming the 50th spot.In Africa, the index indicates that Rwanda claimed the 3rd spot, level with Muritius Islands, both behind Botswana, Cape Verde

However, the performance score shows no improvement as it remains still comparing to 2015 report with 54 per cent.The report shows that there is not a big gap of performance score as many of the top rankd countries are separated by a narrow difference.

New Zealand and Denmark are joint top of the ranking with the anti-corruption performance score of 90 per cent.In the 2015 report, New Zealand were 4th with 88 per cent while Denmark claimed the top spot with 91 per cent.

taking a look back to Rwanda’s neighbouring countries located in the East African Region, Ethiopia comes 108th, Tanzania 116th, Djibouti 123rd, Kenya 145th, Burundi 159th while Democratic Republic of Congo, another country neighbour, is found at 156 th.

Somalia has found itself bottom of the global ranking cementing the 176th spot with the lowest anti corruption performance.

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