Rwanda wins Global award as Top Emerging Destination

Rwanda wins it at Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards 2017 as the top emerging destination thanks to its tourism attractions corresponding to the nature it carries as a special attraction secret.

The awards are based on readers’ travels from December 2015 to November 2016. Results are based on an average satisfaction score (converted to a percentage) rather than the number of votes cast. An entry required a minimum number of votes to be considered. In categories where no percentage is shown, results are based on number of votes cast.

In 1994, we witnessed the horrors of the Rwandan genocide and, in some ways, the country is still recovering. But over 20 years on, it’s making its mark on the travel map. You’ve been heading there and telling us you’ve liked what you’ve seen, crowning it this year’s best emerging destination.

There’s another cause for celebration too, as Rwanda’s wildlife is also recovering. Akagera National Park first reintroduced lions to the country last year after a 15-year absence and, in 2017, black rhinos will also be returning, making the park a Big Five destination.

Bolivia makes the list for the third year running, while Bhutan, Nicaragua and Georgia show there are still hidden treasures on all continents of the globe.

Top five ranking:

1 Rwanda 97.14%

2 Bhutan 96.92%

3 Bolivia 95%

4 Georgia 94%

5 Nicaragua 93.3%

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