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Rwanda:New law that ended inheritance right has reduced pressure on parents

New law governing spouse property management and family property sharing has cleared what was called ‘inheritance’ which was bringing pressure to parents inheritance will no longer be provided by force of the law.

Cildren are now crying over the decision, while parent are now feeling free from the long-term pressure. however, children are advised to be careful anb start to behave well to their parents as the law could threat them form even sharing family properties.

Back to, ‘Ubutaka Bwacu’ talk show aired on Radio Isango Star, lawyer Belancille Ngutegure warned children who treat their parents the way they want saying ‘inheritance is granted in case the parent wants to, pressure should not be exercised over them to do so.” She also urges parents to inherit their children with transparency, to avoid creating conflicts between their children.

Law No no 27/2016 that replaced law no 22/99, which focuses on inhritance issuance process, new law’s article 27 states that family inheritance is a voluntary process, either giving or receiving of a valuable property can be done for free basis.Article 28 explains the inheritance process is ‘done between parents and children on some of their properties….’

The fact that inheritance process is not a forced process give parents freedom to give one or reject another for their own reasons.Some of criucial reasons that can ban children form being inherited include previous amount of money spent on them during their studies, indiscipline or misconduct towards their parents.

Me Ngutegure says it requires to be careful and transparent while inheriting as it may cause conflicts between children, but insistst that inheritance is granted voluntarily and has no specific time or deadline to be granted and it has to be discussed between both parents before deciding to grant it.

She said,” children should start to strive for self-reliance, and stop depending on their parents, with their insufficient land.”Concerning children’s every life in general, the lawyer explained that they have full right to be taken care of by their parents as usual.

She, however, reminds that article 203 of law no 32/2016 that protects people and families states that “parents should take care of their children, by providing all necessary needs like food, parenting till they grow up’

She adds that children’s needs should be provided depending the balanced situation of both children demand level and parents’ cureent financilal situation.

Residents from Karongi and Ngoma who were involved int the talk show said that a parent should feel like s/he owes something to their chidren, whether it is called inheritance or not.

They say that they save or buy some land for their children while Me Ngutegure finds no problem with it, that what makes sense is that they save for their children but says that whatever they do for their children is not inheritance but a present.

A Rulindo resident thinks favoring children who behaved well while inheriting makes no sense, and insists all children should have right to the inheritance because such favor could cause conflicts between children in a way that should be avoided.

On the other side, Etienne Baributsa, says that there were children who escape activities tasked by their parents, and insult them instead, till they are ommitted from their families thinking they will come back to ask for inheritance after their parents’ death.

Stanislas Mvuyekure, a Masaka resident, says, “ you ask your father to give you your inherit part and instead of making a promise, he start saying you did nothing for him worth recognition”A child who showed bad behaviour can’t even share family property at all

The law made it clear that children who treat their parents in an improper way should forget about even sharing family property. they forbidden by the law for sharing family properties and are removed from family members permanently and could not be able to access family property sharing.

Articles no 56 and 57 of the law no 27/2016 explain the reasons that can push the child out of the right to share family propert, including not taking care of your parents in their everyday life, threatening them, testifying to get them amprisoned, and many more.Lawyer Ngutegure emphasises that inheritance no longer exists, but presents only exist to ber provided voluntarily.

She therefore calls for unity and good relationship between parents and their children while parents are reminded to take care of their children while they are still part of their charge.

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