Rwanda’s Ambassador to US Mukantabana meets Donald Trump

Rwanda’s Ambassador in United States Mathilde Mukantabana has met newly-elected US President Donald Trump for their first time since his election victory, before he officially swears in on January 20.

Donald Trump is expected to officially be announced new and 45th US President during the Swearing in Ceremony scheduled to be held on January 20th 2017 at the States’ Parliament Palace known as Capitol Hill.

Amabassador Mukantabana posted a photo on her Twitter handle posing with Trump during the 58th Presidential pre-inauguration event hosted for chiefs of diplomatic mission and dignitaries representing their respective countries in United States, including Rwanda which she represents, three days before he swears in as President.

During the ongoing preparations, Donald Trump, accompanied with his Vice President and daughter-in-law Mike Pence, is expected to Honour over 400 000 military bodies laid at Arlington National Cemetery, who fell in violent strikes that took place in the 1800s

It is expected all previous US presidents who are alive, including Bill Clinton and his wife and Trump’s election campaign rival Hillary Clinton, will be attending Trump’s swearing in, except George H.W Bush due to bad health conditions.

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