Rwanda’s progress excites, but some are unhappy with it- Hon. Tito Rutaremara

Senator Tite Rutaremara says more efforts are needed to keep Rwanda’s development on a right truck, despite impressing speed made after Genocide against the Tutsi, but calls for attention to fight those who do not feel happy with the country’s progress.

He was speaking at the commemoration night held by staffs from the office of the Prime Minister on April 21st, 2017 at the Ministry’s headquarters.

Hon Rutaremara insists a lot, concerning Rwanda’s development in different aspects, has been achieved so far all thanks to a united country and good governance, but reflects that this is how Rwanda was before colonialists came up with a new system of dividing them until they killed each other.

He there reminded leaders that there are still people out there who have the same hatred to Rwanda’s united commitment and always think of how to destroy what the country has achieved.

“Colonialists arrived in Rwanda, when people were living in harmony and started to find ways to destroy their tough relationship. So, always pay attention again because there are still people around who are not happy with our current unity and who always try to discover evil ways to destroy it again, especially when the country is enjoying happiness and progress”

He said Rwandans can of course be happy with their country progress, on one hand, but reminded them not to forget that those who have been behind its past which was nothing other than a nightmare, and be ready as that they be around with more dangerous plans against them.

He says unity is tough weapon to fight their hatred and it has always been a protecting weapon since Rwanda has reunited after Genocide, although enemies always get ready to find one way or another to destroy what has been achieved.

“The fact that our country is perfect shape is all thanks to our leaders’ governance. We need to always get ready for a battle against our enemies,” he said.

He also recalled tough times RPF-inkotanyi troops passed through during their attacks in their bid to take the country and different challenges they faced while also trying to rescue the Tutsi who were being chased away, for which he called on local leaders to keep finding out improved ways to help those who will be facing trauma in the days ahead, where, like Genocide survivors, perpetrators could also face tough times in their old age, which could lead them getting trauma following what they had done during Genocide.

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