The School of Journalism and Communication to shift its offices by February, again!

Students from both School of Journalism and Communication and School of Law will be deployed to the current University of Rwanda Headquarters and home to the University’s College of Business and Economics (CBE), located in Gikondo, the University has announced.

The decision was taken during the College of Arts and Social Sciences General Assembly, where students from both schools will be shifting to the new offices  in Gikondo by February 6.
The announcement means that students from the School of Journalism and Communication will be studying in three separate venues in a period of 6 years where it was based in National University of Rwanda (NUR), Huye before being deployed to Camp Kigali Campus in 2011.
The shift from Kigali Campus was deeply thought to find solution to overpopulation issues which was challenging the school through the years due insufficient rooms at the then offices.
The decision was also taken as a solution to longlasting noise made from different construction activities being operated around the school.
Over 700 students from both schools are expected to adapt new life in Gikondo since February.According to Usta Kaitesi, the College Principal, the shift will not affect students academic life as the decision has been discussed and communicated before students went for the first semester break where they would come back attending their fresh lectures comfortably.


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