Social Classes come of age in UR-Huye’s restaurants

Different meals, one campus. Students at University of Rwanda, main campus of Huye, eat depending on their pocket in the restaurant inside the campus. The supplying entrepreneur has established three restaurants where each of them chooses which to stick with depending on how much they have got to eat.

It’s made clear and affordable for each of UR-Huye’s students, sharing roof and room, but never food and mood.According to KigaliToday, in the three restaurants food prices are different. One is for those who can have their monthly meal card priced at Rwf 15, 000(18 USD/month) where they are allowed to eat day and night, plus Rwf 3000 if you want breakfast. To mean, this is for lower class, earning Rwf 500 per day, and eat twice or Rwf 600 to eat thrice. This restaurant is located near the campus’ student hostel, known as ‘Misereor’.

Lower class restaurent serve water from jerrycans and multicolor cups

The second and middle class is a VIP Restaurant where students are required to pay 25,000(30 USD) for a monthly meal card.  The price for each plate of food is Rwf 500. This restaurant is located near the playgrounds.

There is finally a restaurant for the VVIPs where they pay Rwf 36 000(43 USD) monthly meal card to get the services. Here, they can also get a single food plate for Rwf 700 at the restaurant.

Around the VIP and VVIP restaurants, there is a canteen where one who comes to the restaurant finds it easy to order some drinks like milk or Soda, or snacks like capati, Sambusa, sandwich, or andazi. You can even find tea at this canteen during morning days.

B.Al Saleh Kalimunda, the president of the University Students’ Union at the campus, says the restaurants were established separately to prevent students from going to the restaurants outside the campus, for their health security, as none is sure restaurants’ hygiene outside.

VIP restaurent serve chips and water in white cups

He said, “Some would go get their meal in either cheap or expensive restaurants outside the campus. We wanted them have the meal they would find outside within their reach, to make sure of their security once they face a problem around”. However, some students are still getting their meals outside the campus as figures from the university restaurants’ accounting staff show, among 10 000 students registered at the campus, only 250 got a monthly subscription in ordinary restaurant, 350 and 150 in VIP and VVIP restaurants respectively. Though, only 750 get food inside the campus.

In Rwanda, all people are classified in four categories (Ibyiciro by’ubudehe): the first and lower class is made of vulnerables, the second is made of poor but active people, the third and middle class made of people with permanent income, while the fourth and high class is made by investors, owning companies and employ people; plus high ranked public servants.

This is implemented in all sectors of life. In governance, people benefit from government support programs according to these classes. In economy, bank loans are given taking into account these classes. In health, insurances and medical care are based on that, and of course lastly in education, where financing higher education depends on classes: the first and second are totally financed on loan, the third is partly financed, while no loan for the fourth. These ways students are classified and behave inside campuses relate the ways they pass through while applying for scholarship.

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