Suspected drug trafficker arrested in Kirehe District

Police in Kirehe District, on December 25, arrested a man identified as Joel Nsabimana in connection with trafficking narcotics into the country.

The  25-year-old Nsabimana was at the time of his arrest found in possession of 21 kilograms of cannabis, the police spokesperson for the Eastern Province Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi, said.

“As the police was on usual patrol at around 2:00am, they met Nsabimana in Gatore and they stopped him; when they checked a sack he was carrying they found it was cannabis and they took him into custody right away,” IP Kayigi said.

“We have since established that he had got the narcotics from Musaza sector and was supposed to deliver it to another person in Gatore, but we are still investigating so that all those connected to this criminal act are arrested to face justice,” IP Kayigi explained.

“It appears that the suspect thought he would exploit the festive celebrations. The security readiness remains at all times to fight and prevent any criminal acts,” he said.

He reminded that fighting narcotics and other psychotropic substances is one of the priorities of Rwanda National Police through intensified operations, public awareness and community policing.

“This and many other successful operations show how much we are committed to fighting drug trafficking and abuse; we have also reaped big from community policing where residents stood up to fight anything that affects their well-being,” he added.

Kirehe is commonly known to be one of the main routes traffickers use to smuggle drugs in the country.

According to the laws, making, selling and use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances attracts a prison sentence of up to five years and a fine of up to Rwf5 million under article 594 of the penal code.

Facilitating another person to use drugs attracts a penalty of up to three years in prison and a fine of Rwf500, 000 to Rwf5 million under article 595 while under article 596, inducing a child to use narcotic drugs is punishable with an imprisonment of between five and seven years.

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