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The trained ‘Abashingwangerero’ urged to embrace teamwork spirit

The remark made on this Sunday 23rd October 2016 by the Prime Minister Dr Anastase Murekezi while closing a one week civic education (Itorero) of all cells’ social affairs around the country. The training held at Nasho military camp where the local leaders were asked to take on hardworking, team work and unity.

In His Excellency Paul Kagame’s behalf, the Prime Minister Dr. Anastase Murekezi called on the local leaders nicknamed ‘Abashingwangerero’ who had ended up ‘Itorero’ to practice teamwork. “The trainer of trainers Paul kagame asks you hardworking, working on target and on time embracing unity in order to build the new nation;” PM said.

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The minister asked this saying that the leaders are the models of their people and their leadership in the whole country. The trained named “Abashingwangerero” were reminded to act as mirror of the country’s leadership since they spend more time with the citizens in their daily lives.

“The people consider as the role models. You will hail people’s attention to the country’s leadership when you interact well with them. Serve them effectively,” highlighted Minister Murekezi.


(From left to right) Chairman of national task force Boniface Rucagu, PM Dr Anastase Murekezi and Minister for Local Governance Francis Kaboneka

The minister went on telling them that there is no other claim of lack of skills which makes them spoil their duties, because they applied more through the training.

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Dusenge Sandrine who spoke on behalf of the trained Abashingwangerero, said they will practice what they learned from the training. “The time we spent here is enough and in was not spoilt. We will never contravene nor do something wrong against the will of our president Paul Kagame, the major trainer.”

The training started on 17 October 2016 and ends up with 1934 people, only one returned home over sickness. It was officially launched by president Paul Kagame on 16thOctober 2016.

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