Three Universities suspended from operating in Rwanda

The Ministry of Education has suspended three Universities  having failed to fulfill standards required for academic institutions.

The suspended Universities  have long been operating in Rwanda, and include Rusizi International University, Nile Source Polytechniques of Applied Arts, based in Huye District, and Singhard Technical Education Society, located in Kicukiro District.

The statement was announced by Dr. Innocent S. Mugisha, the Head of Higher Education Council (HEC)

Dr. Mugisha said that the three universities were temporarily banned from operating in Rwanda, after raising concern over criticisms on quality of education provided in these academic institutions, whose standards are said to be still lower.

He told that these universities do not have enough equipment and competent  lecturers needed to put students through their paces in their lectures and; as a result, the skills provided were worth critical.

He said that, despite the suspension, any university has six months to fix their issues to meet all requirements needed by HEC in order to be allowed to continue operating.

In  this regard, students who have already paid their school fees in the respective universities will need to wait until the issues are fixed.

He, however, failed to say what will be next if these issues are not fixed in as six months as possible, threatening that there is a possibility to permanently ban these universities operating in the country.

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1 Comment

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