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Umwiherero2017: Kagame calls leaders for ‘immediacy’ in goals implementation

While officially opening the 14th National Leaders Retreat, President Paul Kagame told leaders to put their ambitions into actions, that history the country got through means that Rwandan community doesn’t need to pass by the same way as those from other countries but that they should think their ambitions should be reached as urgent as possible.

He called leaders to put more efforts in doing their tasks, and that this Retreat should be a right time for self-evaluation, resulting to doing their responsible tasks with immediacy.

Kagame also reminded leaders who are participating in the retreat that their first responsibility is to put the past behind and turn their goals into actions because goals are not there to sit and set without doing anything to reach those goals.

He said, “You can’t have a goal and put the past behind you and then act like you are in the same history,”

He reminded leaders to work in a collaborative environment to avoid heavy losses caused by the lack of mutual collaborations and partnerships existing between leaders at some extent, assuring that this can be avoided since they are able to do it through their brainy capacities for the sake of the country’s interests.

He also claimed that Rwanda still needs a long way to go to achieve its goals, although the capacity still matters, while there are still able people around who don’t fear to lose, yet.

“Are we really matching what we intend to achieve with what our actions? We always talk about achievements, but why don’t think of achieving even more?”, he asked leaders, reminding them that achieving what leaders have aimed to achieve in the country whose past like Rwanda is almost impossible if no more efforts and focus are injected.

Kagame concluded his speech hoping that the leaders will leave the retreat with new ambitions, knowing how to achieve them with immediacy after a taking time to evaluate their working manners to go back in the way to doing what the community expects from them.

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