UN special envoy for Burundi back to Bujumbura

After a first courtesy visit to the country last June, the former President of Burkina Faso Michel Kafando arrived very discreetly in the Burundian capital for a new mission of good offices after having met just as discreetly during the last weeks the facilitator in the Burundian crisis, Benjamin Mkapa, in Dar es Salaam, as well as the Burundian opposition in exile in Brussels.

But its mission promises to be perilous, especially since no progress has been reported so far in the Burundian crisis. Michel Kafando came into the spotlight on Tuesday (October 31st), reserving Monday his first visit to Burundian Foreign Minister Alain-Aimé Nyamitwe.

Michel Kafando is not going to stop there, he should meet in turn all the protagonists of the Burundian conflict and other pressure groups present on the spot, including religious denominations, political parties, civil society and the diplomatic corps, before leaving Burundi in three days.

Its objective is simple on paper, “take stock of the situation in Burundi and try to advance a process of crisis resolution completely broken down,” according to diplomatic sources. But observers give him very little chance of success according to JA.

Officially, the former Burkina president’s role is to support the mediation initiated by the region, led by former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa under the supervision of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

But this post-crisis dialogue has totally broken down for more than a year following the categorical refusal of the Burundian government to negotiate with its opposition in exile, despite repeated calls from the international community.

After his withdrawal from the ICC, Bujumbura has just launched a new challenge, beginning a few days ago a process of revision of the Constitution, which will pave the way for a fourth term for President Pierre Nkurunziza.

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