USA: Police searching for missing Rwandese, Evariste Munyensanga

Portland Police are asking the public for help in finding a missing Rwandese, Evariste Munyensanga who was last seen by a friend when he was dropped off at his Cumberland Avenue apartment on Friday, November 18th around 4 p.m.

Munyensanga, a 29 old man, born in Kamonyi district, Kayenzi sector; had almost spent five months in United State of America before he was kidnapped and his roommates admit he has not been active on social media.

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The news from his closed friend whom they lived together say he had been hitchhiked by unknown person from his current home ground in Munjoyhill in Portland and since then, he has not been seen anymore.

In exclusive conversation with, Munyensanga’s mother; Nibayahore Ancille who lives in Kamonyi District, confirms the information and said one week and a half passes without communicating with her biological son. She added that they had been talking to each other within two weeks and his mobile phone went off.

A tweet of Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda to the United States of America, Mathilde Mukanabana.

Nibayahore Ancille said, “We have been called by his mates whom they used to live together and they told us that he has been missing one week and half ago. We will keep on asking, perhaps he shall be found.”


(From L to R) Munyensanga Evariste, the second with green T-shirt

At the time he was 23 years old, he was enrolled in college but was bed ridden, very sick, even he was not able to attend classes, because he had problem of shortness of breath, tidiness,   legs swollen, joints pain and headache had very little energy, suffered from constant headaches and could walk only short distances because of his shortness of breath.

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In 2011 Munyensanga Evariste, a former College of Business and Economics student met a USA based health team, Healing Hearts Northwest for heart surgery for heart surgery and later joined USA.

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He frequently joined Salvation Army Church in Portland. He is an avid long distance runner, usually running along the coastline north of Portland but his early expression was that his religious beliefs do not allow him to be or involve himself in political life.

The Rwanda embassy in USA says his missing is in hand of Portland, Maine police.

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