Uwamahoro knew she would be arrested in Rwanda


Violette Uwamahoro is a women with double nationality (Rwandese and British). She was recently arrested by the police in Rwanda. Rukundo, her husband, says he suspected his wife would be arrested and immediately taken to prison.

Having got the news that his wife was arrested in Rwanda, Rukundo told the press that her wife came in Rwanda suspecting that she would be arrested but kept believing in God’s protection.

He said, “bad is better than worse, when Violette disappeared on February 14th, many said ‘it is over’ … but, for me, I didn’t lose hope. Where exactly? _ Just the way I know Violette’s character. That’s the truth,”

“Violette has not gone in Rwanda for any other purpose, but because of her father’s death. She told me ‘my father died, I have nothing to suspect myself even though I get unjustly treated while I am not guilty of anything evil, people will get something educative from my arrest or God, not myself, will free me from injustice’,”   he continued.

He added that his wife flew to Rwanda for that reason, where she got arrested a short time after saying good bye to her father. She, however, didn’t lose hope since her arrest.

‘I did not lose hope either because I knew her God was with her in her heart,” he said

Faustin Rukundo is currently a member of RNC, an opposition political party which the government of Rwanda considers a terrorist rebel. It is said to be a host of anti-Rwandan government rebels living in exile, with some of whom have been part of RPF-Inkotanyi, ruling party.

ACP Theos Badege, the police spokesperson, said Uwamahoro was arrested by the police after being told that she was allegedly involved in some unlawful actions, mainly by trying to take people to RNC.

The recent Human Rights Watch’s statement released last week, the government of Rwanda was asked to either release Uwamahoro or take her to court to respond on her charges, or get released in case she is found not guilty.

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