Uwamahoro’s kids beg Kagame to release their mother

Children of detainee Violette Uwamahoro, a Rwandan whose British nationality, have written a letter to President Paul Kagame begging hi mto release their mother.

Uwamahoro’s family lives in Leeds City, England. She was arrested days ago when she came to attend her father’s funeral.

When police announced that Uwamahoro is in custody, they said that she is suspected to be involved in conspiracy and mobilizing people to become part of a joint criminal enterprise.

Her husband, Faustin Rukundo, who is said to be member of opposition political party, Rwanda National Congress (RNC) operating in exile, said his wife was arrested for political purposes.

Uwamahoro’s kids, namely Samuel, 8, and David, 10, composed a letter to both British Prime Minister, Theresa May, and President Kagame to do their mother and get her released.

Rukundo, who says her wife was arrested in place of him to be the target, asked the British government to stand up and follow up this case because he doubts she could not get justice in the trial that awaits her.

The British foreign Ministry spokesperson has confirmed that they are in process of helping Uwamahoro and her family after her arrest in Rwanda, adding that British Commission staffs in Rwanda are trying their best to hold talks with Rwandan officials to find a solution on the case.

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