We need freedom in all community aspects of life– Protais Musoni

What is the reason Africans keep fighting for freedom if African nations are already free? People continue to ask this question as Africa celebrates African Liberation Day while no Africa country is yet facing colonization.

Although Africa is free, Protais Musoni, the Chairman of Pan African Movement Rwanda, told journalists on Wednesday, during a press conference on the upcoming Pan African Movement week schedule, that African freedom is politically not enough yet.

On May 25, Pan African Movement Rwanda will join the world, especially Africans, to celebrate African Liberation Day 2017. The celebrations will be part of the Pan African Movement Week scheduled between May 14th and 27th, 2017.

Wars, hunger, poverty, endless conflicts, are among what characterize Africa continent, which is the fact that Musoni thinks African freedom in politics should not mean that Africa is free enough.

He said, “We need to be free in all aspects of every day community’s life, like culture where people do not need to ignore their culture but protect it as their identity until the law can even base on that culture… that is when you find it simple to respect the law basing on the culture. Civic education training leavers call it ‘values”

He added that Africans need to be free in economic sector, reminding that no other part of the world is less wealthy than African continent while it is home to different resources that can bring it wealth like mines, oil, land and many more.


Musoni insists given back-to-back wars, divisionism and mediocre governance, which are still surrounding African continent.

Pan African Movement experts who still wonder why Africans like other human beings fail to take positive decisions although most of the times Africans are indirectly pushed to engage into conflicts

He said colonial history has divided Africans in order to simply rule them and it has become like something inherited to date.

“Let’s celebrate this day making sure our past sovereigns have been influential to getting free in terms of governance, but also making sure that the rest of the continent problems should be solved by no one else but us, Africans,” Musoni continued.

This year’s Africa Freedom Day theme is, “Harnessing Demographic Dividend through Investiment in African Youth.” African youth, now rated at 60 per cent of the total population, need enough capacity building.

The Pan African Movement Rwanda’s 2017 theme is “The role of Media in nurturing the African Youth for the Total Liberation of Africa”

Musoni reveals that Journalism’s impact was thought because it leads, trains, educates and gives advice, and it acts especially as an impactful agent in leading people from different directions in a right way .

Before May 25, it is expected that between 22 and 24 May 2017, focusing on major challenges facing the Pan African Dream- Africa we Want, and Umuganda activities in selected parts of the country.

On May 25, the Pan African Liberation Day will be celebrated in Camp Kigali Tents in Nyarugenge District from 2 pm where the key notes speeches will be delivered. The African Liberation day celebrations will include Africa Night that will showcase African music, dances, cinema and different ways of preparing African food. Different media houses have been invited in order to see what should be included in their agenda and what they can help Africans towards development.

On May 15, 1958 in Accra , Ghana different African politicians gathered in the first ever African conference of independent countries where Africans were heard slamming colonial power which shaped only sadness and disappointment to Africans.

The conference decided to celebrate Africa Freedom Day every year on May 15.

In 1963, the same conference was held for the first time in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. During that time, 32 countries were already independent and founded African Unity Organization. By that time, over 2/3 had already claimed their independence.

This conference also decided to shift the Africa Freedom Day from May 15 to May 25, and Africa Freedom Day’s concept changed to ‘African Liberation Day’.

Since 1963, May 25 has kept being celebrated as the day known as ‘African Day’

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