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What does Government plan to ‘Girinka’ programme embezzlers?

From 2006, the government of Rwanda initiated the ‘Girinka’ programme aims at enriching poor families with cow for milk, manure and the likes.

This program was conducted towards the poor families, and those who were unable to build the sheds have been facilitated.

Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) states that more than 729 cattle in such a program have lost and more than 614 were given to those who do not deserve such them.

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The RAB Director General, Dr Mark Cyubahiro Bagabe, while talking to the media, recalled the information which was recently given by the people around the country, saying that most of the cows were owned by local leaders who were in charge of distributing them to the people.

The Director General of RAB stated, “It is not easy to pull out those who present greediness and thieves in the society, but the government of Rwanda keeps on tackling them.”

He added that the Government will not forgive those who will attempt the mistake.

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Now, there are some who were detained being accused such crime and the investigation is still underway.

From the implementation of this program, more than 253,354 cattle have been given to the beneficiaries. It is expected that in 2017, more than 350,000 families should have got cows; now the gap of 96 thousands of cows still missing for full implementation.

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