When shall Burundi’s indictments to Rwanda cease?

Since insecurity immerge in neighboring country, Burundi; allegations rain to Rwandan government and other nations to be involved whether directly or indirectly in insecurity issues and to help Nkurunziza’s throne opponents.

On 30 July 2016, The crowd protested outside the Rwandan embassy, accusing the neighbouring country of training Burundi rebels in special weekend for Burundians to protest against France and Rwanda.

One of the banners carried by demonstrators accused Rwanda military refugees recruitment, “Rwanda: Refugees military recruitment equal violation of international law”.

Burundian security officials recently said they have arrested three people over late Hafsa Mossi murderer. The three suspects caught on 21 July 23, 2016 during the ongoing investigations and ministry of internal security proclaimed that due to the conducted investigation, the suspects agreed to have received order and money of unrevealed people from Rwanda.


The 30 July 2016 demonstration accused Rwanda refugees military recruitment

The released statement by ministry of internal security on this Saturday 6th August 2016 highly accused Rwanda and His Excellent Paul Kagame to liaise with France on the decisions of sending UN police officers to Burundi and military refugees recruitment as well.

“You know that Paul kagame is the one who accommodate Burundian democracy denials and he also provided them with enough military training to be stirred in ongoing attacking plans”.

Rwandan government has always denied baseless allegations with no proofs.

Burundians suffered extended insecurity problems since Nkurunziza announced third presidential term bid and more than 450 people have been killed and thousands in exile due to the move his opponents say violated the constitution and a peace deal that ended a civil war in 2005.

Théogène U @Bwiza.com

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