Woman cries for help after delivering three children

39 year -old Christine Nyirarenzaho has delivered three children at Bushenge Hospital in Nyamasheke District. However, she claims she is uncertain she will to satisfy the needs every child might need to live a healthy life as they were born in addition to their older siblings who could not get enough living standards, either.

Nyirarenzaho is currently living in Gasharu Village, Impala Cell, Bushenge Sector in Nyamasheke District and she is in the second class in Ubudehe category, which is normally for vulnerable families who depend on government supports at some points.

In addition to that, she has no family that would care for her as she is the only one who survived from Genocide against the Tutsi, while the rest of her family relatives were all killed. She says her life could be on the line as she has nothing that can earn her money to rely on during her everyday life.

When visited her, she said all her children are feeling okay despite delivering after passing a surgery operation. Of the three new-born kids, one weighs 1, 5 kilograms, the other weighs 900 grams while the last weighs 2, 6 kilograms.

She claims she sometimes struggles to get breast milk to feed her children, while it seems not enough when she does because she has not got enough food enough in vitamins during her pregnancy days.

She said, “It is really difficult for me to take care of them on my own because my entire family was killed during Genocide against the Tutsi, am the only one who survived …I and my husband have nothing to rely on and we didn’t get anything supportive. It is so difficult to take care of them while I getting short of breast milk, too”

She added, “I cannot help herself to afford to buy health insurance for eight people (6 children, her and her husband) to make sure they could access medical services at ease. I pray anyone, either the hospital or local administration to help me get my children grow well and healthy”

Dr Alex Gakuba, the doctor who is serving Nyirarenzaho and her three children with medical care admits delivering three children is extraordinary but doubts the children’s health could get in danger since their mother has started to cast doubts over their life after leaving the hospital.

He said, “They [mother and children] are all doing well but the problem remains on how the mother will get the breast milk to feed her children when we get to let her leave the hospital and continue maternal recovery at home. We, on the side of the hospital, are going try our best and help her because she really needs help”

Claudette Mukamana, the Vice Mayor of Nyamasheke District in charge of Social Affairs, said the district will help Nyirarenzaho like other parents whose special deliveries.

She said the District will give her a cow that will help her get milk as well as parental porridge to ensure children’s healthy life.

The time when a parent has last delivered three children in Bushenge Hospital was in 2015. This time around, Nyirarenzaho has delivered three children, who follow her six-year-old last child but vows to immediately go for family planning and deal with her six children’s life.

The sector administration has also promised some support to Nyirarenzaho.

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