Worries as malnutrition ravages southern Rwanda

Southern Province officials claim about four thousands children are facing malnutrition threats. The problem is highly influenced by poor diet, dirtiness and family problems among others.

Officials says they did not acted properly towards solution finding of this problem for they still have people with jiggers, people who sleep with their domestic animals in the same house together with conflicts among family members.

National Women Council Coordinator in Southern Province Marie Claire Uwumuremyi has said they are committed to overcome this problem.

“It’s not a bid issue for it is not mostly solved by budget, cleaning house does not require money, we can do it all alone .For which require much money, we can look for leaders assistance”

“Sharing ideas with people whom are facing these problems is one of the solutions for behavior change” she added

Different institutions have vowed to deal with malnutrition issue prior to Members of Parliament scheduled August, 2018.

Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion(MIGEPROF) set children malnutrition issue will be totally eradicated in 2018.

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