A man identified as Nsanzamahoro, 25, said to be suffering from mental disorder has beheaded his stepmother accusing her of bewitching him.

The incident took place on Sunday night in the Nyarusange village, Rubimba cell of Kabare sector.

It is said that the murder suspect has been warning, at different times, that he would kill the stepmother accusing her of poisoning him and stirring his mental health.

The Executive Secretary of Kabare sector, Semugeshi Mbarwa has told local newspapers that the man was immediately arrested.

“The man has had persistent mental health problems and would often destroy his family’s properties and cutting all banana stalks in their plantation. He used to accuse the stepmother to be behind all his mental problems until he went home and stabbed her to death,” he said.

Semugeshi further explained that the murder was well planned though the suspect had mental health problems confirmed by medical documents.

The suspect was arrested as he tried to escape after committing the murder

and handed to Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) station in Kabarondo.


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