50 % of children under 15 are living in poverty-study


The 2019 Global Food Policy Report (GFPR) has revealed 50 percent of children under the age 15 years are living in poverty in Rwanda.

The report released on Friday May 3 also indicates that the problem is also prominent amongst adults at 40%.

The study further reveals at least 80 % of Rwandans are in agriculture. However, says the report, they prefer to send their produce to the market leaving them with very little for consumption.

As a result, according to the study, many households end up hungry, with malnourished and stunted children.

Rwanda’s PM, Dr Edouard Ngirente who attended the report launch admitted government is aware of the issue and looking for a way to address it.

“Agriculture is the main activity [in our country], however many of the young generation are leaving the rural areas for the cities especially Kigali,” he said

“We strongly believe that this report will contribute to the emergence of global food policy shifts towards high investment and capitalisation for increased productivity and competitiveness of the Agriculture Sector.” He added

He told delegates at the one-day event that government was setting up factories and facilitating private farmers to establish them, to add value to their produce, which will increase their incomes.

Government says there will be no problem of hanger by 2025.





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