Rwanda closes 57 schools over poor facilities, urges them to address the matter within one week


Government of Rwanda has ordered 57 temporary closed schools to address poor facilities matter within seven days for the requirements are possible.

The Ministry of Education ordered the shutdown after its inspectors visited about 90 schools and found that some had poor hygiene and sanitation, inadequate accommodation facilities, deficient lighting, unutilized ICT equipment and school management problems.

Minister of Education, Dr. Eugene Mutimura says they will hold responsible any learning institution which will fail to solve with this matter in a given time frame.

“We are confident that at least within this time frame, if the head teachers, the parents and the leaders of the schools work hard they are able to complete what is required of them, but we shall hold them accountable if they fail to do so, because we are not asking them the impossible,” Dr Mutimura said

“These are secondary schools and predominantly boarding schools. Our inspectorate reports indicated negligence in hygiene mostly in kitchens, lavatories and dormitories” he added

However, some schools say it will be a tough order to fund the renovations.

The Groupe Officiel de Butare managers said they estimate an upgrade of its structures to cost Rwf1 billion ($1.1 million).

The schools are closed shortly before two days of  the beginning of the third academic term in Rwanda.

Most of these learning institutions are run by or affiliated to the Catholic Church including the renowned Saint Andre in Nyamirambo and Groupe Officiel de Butare built in 1929.

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