Rwanda: Parliamentary election observers question how NEC will monitor elections in diplomatic missions


The impending parliamentary election observers have questioned how Rwanda National Electoral will do a follow up of polls in diplomatic missions  to ensure fair tallying process.

The concern was raised by Dr Otiende Amollo, Senior Partner at Rachier & Amollo Advocates – a law firm in Kenya wondered how NEC would monitor elections in diplomatic missions to ensure that no mischief is caused.

Replying to Amollo’s concerns,  Loyce Bamwine, a commissioner at NEC said that the diplomatic missions were ready to ensure that elections are conducted in a free and fair environment, revealing that NEC has been monitoring elections through embassies and that no case had been reported so far.

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) , as of now, have received bver 950 observers who have been accredited to assess election activities. They include 184 foreign observers.

According to NEC, over 7.1 million Rwandans have registered to vote for their representatives in parliament for a five-year-term.

The polls are slated to take place on 2-3 September this year.


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