“A man with no health Insurance does not deserve a beer”-Minister Murekezi


The Prime Minister Anastase Murekezi addressing Kirehe citizens during community activities known as umuganda held monthly at every last Saturday urges them to pay attention on community based health insurance scheme known as mutuelle de sante. It was on this Saturday 25 June 28, 2016 at Nasho, Kirehe district after community work, Umuganda; Min Anastase criticized the people spending hours in bars having beers with no health insurance.

It was inauguration of community based health insurance scheme new year to start from 1 July 2016 and ends up 30 June 2017. The campaign went on with the guest of honor to remind the use of community based health insurance scheme and its preference to bottle of beer.

“A man who goes alongside his family to take beers and they do not have community based health insurance scheme (mutuelle de santé) does not deserve any bottle of beer”

The minister reminded Kirehe citizens and all Rwandans sickness and accident occurred unwillingly and every Rwandan needs to have health insurance to be hosted everywhere in case of calamity.

No worries for poor people from first ubudehe category as government is there to facilitate them to rise. He said “Rwandan government will support and keep on supporting unable citizens until they rise to afford it themselves. Others need to buy it themselves early for their family sustainability”.

On the national level campaign started in Kirehe District and other districts as well. The targeted goal is to have all Rwandans with basic health insurance by 30 September.

The motto of this campaign is “endeavor good health, appraise your value by paying community based health insurance scheme”

Théogène Uwiringiyimana

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