A Rayon Sports official arrested


The news have leaked that Kimenyi Vedaste head of Rayon sports organisation has been arrested last week, for embezzlement of funds.

Kimenyi Vedaste who was elected in March 2016 as a head of Rayon Sport Organisation was arrested last week for embezzlement of funds in REG, where he is a former employee.

The spokesperson of National Police in Kigali City, SP Hitayezu Emmanuel said that the case of Kimenyi Vedaste who is accused of embezzlement of funds in REG where he was formerly employed, has been filed to the prosecution.

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“His case file has been submitted to the prosecution, and his now under suit by Rusoro prosecution” He said.

The article 325 of the penal code stipulates that any employee who embezzles public or private property, funds, negotiable instruments, negotiable instruments, fraudulently destroys or embezzles negotiable instruments under his/her care or which have been communicated to him/her by virtue of his/her office, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of seven(7) years to ten (10) years and a fine of two to five (5) times the value of embezzled or destroyed property.

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