Africa must turn ‘“we can’t” into “we can” mentality-Kagame


President Paul Kagame says this is Africans’ time to change their mindset from dependence to ownership stop thinking that they cannot do what others do but do better than they do, which is an an asset, that can’t be imported.

He was speaking at the Consultative Meeting on African Union Reforms with Foreign Affairs Ministers from the AU country members held in Kigali on Sunday May 7, 2017.He said,” It is painful to keep talking about the Africa we have today, when we are aware of where we could be but ourselves. We need to adopt the mentality of ownership and always focus on the sift from ‘we can’t’ into ‘we can’”

Chaired by Kagame and AU chairperson Moussa Faki, the consultative meeting was looking to study the implementation process of AU reforms previously proposed and adopted by all Heads of State and Governments in January 2017.Kagame said that African are capable of changing things but suggests they need to stand and prove their difference during the implementation process.

“Some are thinking the Africans we know will forget AU reforms or will turn on each other. We should prove we are different we are different not for sake of being different but because we want results and we want to be where we belong.

The road ahead is long and at times it may be uncomfortable, but there is no easy switch to flip. It requires us to work together closely because the AU represents us all,” he told Foreign Affairs Ministers at the meeting.

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He added that the reports recently presented to the Assembly was not the result of magical inspiration but that it was the work consisted mainly of thinking through ideas that were already on the table, thanks to the Pan-African Advisory Team assistance.He gave referred to Rwandans’ mindset about how they fought to overcome the mindset of sitting back and waiting for rescue towards turning the country’s aspirations into reality.


He said, “Wherever you look, North, South, East, West, Central, there is an unmistakable momentum for us to build on. Rwanda is a typical example of reference, having epitomized the absolute worst of which human beings are capable. The Rwanda you find today is not a miracle.

It is the result of lots of hard work whatever people might value here should be taken as examples of what is possible. It began by coming together as a nation, and deciding that we were never going to go back to that darkness. It is an indicator that even difficult things are doable”

He called on serious follow up on the reforms implementation and said, “Let’s work together on the details, while standing firm on our principles. When you return home, let’s find how to communicate the essence of these reforms to our peoples and institutions because whatever challenges lie ahead, it is the lives and well-being of people, our own people, that is at stake”

AU Chairperson Moussa Faki said AU country members should support the reforms and whatever possible to effectively achieve them.He said, “The reforms implementation is not easy to achieve as the continent is rebuilding but they did not come by accident, as the heads of state took time to discuss it”

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