Alexia Mupende Killing – What we know, don’t know 

The dark skies on the evening of 8th January 2018, let off a gentle Patel of rain which pelted the soils, the rains ominously an ricked a cold which enveloped the entire country.

At about 9pm, a high-flying model and actress, Alexia Uwera Mupenda aged 35, was killed in Nyarugunga sector, kicukiro district at her father’s home.

It is alleged that, the killer is a 23 years old domestic worker who worked at their home.

According to the Spokesperson of the Rwanda investigation Bureau, Modest Mbabazi, confirmed the sad news, citing they are still following the case and will come out with an official report soon.


 Knife Attack.

 Alexia Mupenda, was assassinated by a suspected domestic worker at Kanombe, a kigali suburb. Mupenda’s is said to have been stabbed were the assailant is believed to have used a Knife to attack.

No claim of responsibility.

As a public figure assassinated, except from the suspected domestic worker No individual or a group claimed responsibility for her death. Initially, the death of Alexia Mupenda, who was also the general manager of Waka Fitness, was quickly linked on the social Medias calling on members of the public to help arrest her alleged killer.

Killed at home.

The attack took place at her father’s home, neighboring with other homes not far as 30 meters and a small trading centre with some shops and saloons about 15o meters away.

Arrest of suspects
So far according to the Rwanda investigations bureau, no one suspected to have had a role in the killings that was arrested but the hunt of the domestic worker and all those who had a role in the killing is on the move.


Killing and gate-away
How Mrs. Alexia’s alleged killer, 23 years old domestic worker approached and executed her at home and left the scene without anyone noticing even the victims noise in the neighbors is still a mystery.

Theories have been advanced on how this could have happened. The overriding theory / allegation has been that the killer tried to rape her upon her rejections she was killed. But according to the neighbors we interviewed they did not notice any kind of screaming yet in such a scenario it is a must. Then the killer took off without any notice.

Motive of killing
The motive of the killer(s) and whether they were working independently or with or for someone is also not known. Was it sex? Was it revenge? Was it money? Was it work-related or a personal issue?

Planning of the killing
Given the efficiency of the execution and get-away, it is not clear for how long it was planned. Was it an inside job or it was a person or people who had studied and worked out their plan for long before killing her?

Un answered?

After the murder of Mrs. Alexia Mupenda the first story was published breaking the information but who brought out the allegations of the rape incident? Yet this happened in the presence of the suspect and the victim. Who circulated the sad news first?


Alexia Uwera Mupende, the winner of the 2012 Premier Model competition, was a graduate of Business Information and Technology (BBIT) from Mount Kenya University (MKU). She worked with numerous fashion houses in Kigali and has graced several runways. Aside from modeling, she was also a dancer and actress. She was inspired by international catwalk queens like Tyra Banks and Alek Wek.

In a 21 question – answer session that was published on 18th march 2016 with the TNT Rwanda, Alexia described more about herself.

1. If you tripped on the runway, what would you do?

That’s every model’s biggest fear before they rock the ramp. Well I would gather courage, get up and rock that runway like the rent is due. It would probably be the best comeback ever!

2. Makeup or natural?

I prefer going natural, makeup is good and helps accentuate one’s beautiful features, but again even designers always like to see a plain canvas so they can have an idea how to work with it!

3. In regards to movies, action or romance?

Romance… have never really been a fan of action.

4. What are you afraid of?

I guess the unknown or not being in control, there’s lots of other things like snakes, spiders and some other creepy crawly creatures too.

5. If you weren’t in the arts, what would you be?

Not sure, I have worked in the corporate world but over time, I’m not sure that’s the place for me, maybe a travel journalist!

6. Who would you lend money, a friend or relative?

Well, it would depend on the situation, who is asking for the money and why, let alone if I have it.

7. What’s the biggest turn off?

Arrogance and bad odour.

8. What’s the one thing you could eat all year?

Mangoes and sausages!

9. Worst fashion trend ever?

Can’t say, never been one to follow trends. I guess as long as what you wear accentuates your features, go for it!

10. What’s the perfect date; a home cooked meal or dinner out?

Home cooked meal for sure!

11. The most romantic holiday destination?

An exotic destination with a beach, like Malaysia!

12. What question do you hate to answer?

A question I have already answered or that is irrelevant. It’s irritating to be asked the same thing over and over again, especially by the same person.

13. Who is your celebrity crush?

That would be Shaffer Chimere Smith…the rest of you all know him as Neyo!

14. What’s your favourite TV show?

America’s Next Top Model.

15. What’s the last thing you Googled?

Wilhelmina Models.

16. What’s your definition of a perfect weekend?

Sleeping in, plenty of rest, maybe a swim, time with family and or close friends and an awesome church service!

17. Not attractive and live forever, or attractive and die in a year?

Not attractive and live till the Lord calls me!

18. What’s the best pick up line you’ve ever heard?

Excuse me, I know we just met, but may I have this dance?

19. Haute couture vs African print?

Either, it depends on the occasion I guess.

20. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

Wow! A million dollars, there’s a whole lot.; I would first tithe cause I can only imagine it’s by the grace of God that I won, He is the owner of everything and we are just stewards. I would invest in something that would take care of me and my loved ones for generations to come. I would use some of it to help the less fortunate, a charity or a foundation, sometimes when you are blessed it’s only fair to help and bless others, some people call it paying forward, in my opinion anything to make the world a better place!

21. if you had one question to ask God, what would it be?

What on earth am I here for, what is His purpose for my life? Hopefully, I can fulfill it!

It is not clear, as she always wished to fulfill her purpose on this earth, whether she really did.  It remains the security organs field to find out and tell us who really killed Mupenda. May her soul rest in peace.



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