Australian PM, Scott Morrison

Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison on Friday denied media reports that two Rwandan refugees resettled in Australia are suspects in the massacre of eight tourists in Uganda 20 years ago.

U.S. news outlet Politico reported that the duo Leonidas Bimenyimana and Gregoire Nyaminani spent more than a decade in a Virginia state jail before Australia accepted them last year for terrorism charges.

PM Scott Morrison said both men had been cleared of suspicion in the ax and machete slayings of four Britons, two Americans and two New Zealanders who were in a Ugandan wild park, Bwindi in 1999 to see mountain gorillas.

“These specific allegations were reviewed by our security agencies and by our immigration authorities and they were not found to be upheld,” Morrison told reporter” adding “As a result, they were allowed to come to Australia.”

Morrison said both men had undergone security and character assessments as well as investigations into whether they were associated with war crimes.

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Morrison told Nine Network television: “I know what the claims are. But the claims and facts are different.”

However, Relatives of the victims are angry with the deal urging government to probe into the Autralia- USA deal.



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