Bilateral tensions as Ugandans sacked from their jobs in Rwanda


Bilateral ties may worsen following the dismissal of Ugandans from their jobs in Rwanda.

Chimpreports broke the story, most of the affected Ugandans work with the state broadcaster, The New Times and Bank of Kigali (BK).

It is alleged at the New Times, a local based print newspaper where a restructuring exercise was conducted left Sports editor Hamuza Nkutu, business editor Steven Nuwagira, Angel Musinguzi (chief subeditor), James Tasamba (chief news editor) and Timothy Kisambira (senior photographer) sacked.

A letter dated March 29, 2018 issued by a managing director for the government owned newspaper, Collin Haba,says the five were relieved of their duties because the company is facing a financial crisis.

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“The company is currently undergoing a restructuring process due to economic conditions. Unfortunately, your position has been affected,” reads the letter.

“The HR office will process your terminal benefits in accordance with the Rwandan labor laws.”

The firing of these journalists is preceded by the unclear suspension of Arthur Baguma, the managing editor at The New Times about two weeks ago.

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The critical point of this matter is that only Ugandans were fired.

Chimpreports has learnt that computers belonging to Ugandans have been taken over by Rwandan officials.

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It’s also understood another senior official from Uganda working at Bank of Kigali has been fired too.

The incident comes just a few days after Rwandan President Paul Kagame reassured that bilateral ties with Uganda were being strengthened.

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Observers say the recent incidents could delay plans to boost relations between the two neighbors.

Ugandan teachers working in Rwanda were recently sacked.

It’s said they were told to sign prepared resignation letters and quit.

Meanwhile, Other Ugandans including Vivian Igunduura, the deputy Managing Director of Cogebanque, Beatrice Kibwika Kantono who was working with MTN Rwanda as an Information Technology Audit/Risk Manager and  Ojongoro, who was employed as Chief Finance Officer of National Bank of Rwanda  were stripped of their positions.

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The bilateral ties of Rwanda and Uganda faced tensions since August 2017 whereby Uganda accused Rwanda of illegal repatriation of Rwandese refugees, espionage to name those few.

On the other hand, Rwanda refuted these allegations saying  Uganda is working hand in  hand with Rwandan dissidents like General Kayumba Faustin Nyamwasa.

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