Breaking: City of Kigali Executive Secretary resigns


Three days after City Council Mayor Mukaruliza was appointed High Commissioner to Zambia following the cabinet meeting gathered on February 3, 2017, the city’s executive Secretary, Jean Marie Vianney Matabaro, has announced his resignation from his post.

Matabaro’s resignation letter handed to the board of the City Council.

The City of Kigali Public Relations and Communication Officer and spokesperson, Bruno Rangira, confirmed that they received the secretary’s resignation letter which writes that his resignation decision was taken for his own private reasons.

He said,” it is true that Matabaro wrote a resignation letter where he wants to engage in other activities he may be in charge elsewhere since government employees are freed to leave. He said he wanted to leave due to his personal reasons. He wrote the letter to the City Council and he will wait for the response until the council meet to confirm his resignation,”

Matabaro has served the City of Kigali as Excecutive Secretary since 2010.

Rangira said he really doesn’t know the reason that pushed Matabaro to resign and has no idea about it.

He, however, said the city will soon start the process to search his replacement to the post.

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