Burundi chief of army works hand in hand with Gen.Kayumba Nyamwasa


Burundi Chief of army, Gen.Prime Niyongabo is working tooth-and-nail to support the founder and the leader of Rwanda National Congress(RNC), Gen.Kayumba Faustin Nyamwasa in transport and escort  of recruits from Burundi to Minembwe in DR Congo where RNC training base is believed to be located.

The fomer RNC recruits confirm these information acquired by a  Uganda based website,Virunga post saying that they were recruited from Uganda and ended up in Burundi where they were facilitated by Burundian Chief of the Army General Prime Niyongabo and given armed escorts to cross to Minembwe in DR Congo where RNC training base is located.

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Meanwhile, UN reports seen by Vitunga post’reporter  confirm that some defectors from RNC training camps in Minembwe handed themselves to MONUSCO at its bases in the Kivu region and that it has been able to negotiate terms of their repatriation to Rwanda.

Above all these,there is a gap between Rwanda and Burundi in terms of cooperation after a failed coup d’etat in 2015 whereby Burundi officials accused Rwanda to have a hand in toppling President Pierre Nkurunziza regime.

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