Burundi clears out on attacking Rwanda plan


President of Burundi’s Spokesperson, Jean Claude Karerwa has announced their stand on attacking Rwanda following allegations the northern neighbour has several times been provocative towards his country.

The remarks were made during national television last week intended to bring matter on light concerning bilateral tension between Rwanda and Burundi.

President Nkurunziza’s Spokesperson during interview with national television

President Nkurunziza’s Spokesperson said it happened long time ago (Burundi attacked Rwanda) yet they are not willing to be involved in a war for good.

“ I told you it happened long ago. We are asking almighty to never let it happen again. We are praying God for that, war only destroys.” Karerwa said

Mr Karerwa said, however, they will not sit and watch while they are attacked any time.

“You don’t sit and do nothing when you are attacked. You have to fight for your country, its peace and security. We have got everything starting with God and people.” He cleared out

When the journalist pressed further on this matter, Karerwa said  Burundi has no plan to attack Rwanda saying “ There is no such plan in Burundi even in dreams. The plan is just to get ready. I cannot reveal everything here but we have secured every corner of our country; water, atmosphere and every border.”

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He, further, assured Rwandans living in Burundi of  safety despite what he labeled misbehavior, provocations, insult, etc from leaders of Rwanda.

Bilateral ties tension between Rwanda and Burundi started in 2015 following the failed coup which was widely claimed to be backed by Rwanda.

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However, Rwanda vehemently denied these accusations citing there are no interest in destabilizing Burundi.

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