Government of Burundi Spokesperson, Prosper Ntahorwamiye has publicly declared they have witnessed various attacks from its northern neighbour, Rwanda.

The remarks were made during Last week Press conference.

“There is bilateral tension between Rwanda and Burundi. Rwanda harbours Burundi coup plotters. They intended to do so but eventually failed because of God.”  Burundi Spokesperson declared

“ Undoubtedly many attacks in Burundi were from Rwanda. There have been different provocations. Rwanda’s aeroplane was seen in our atmospheric area without our permission (…). We shall not sit and watch without taking actions.” He added

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Mr Ntahorwamiye emphasised the tension between two countries has pushed President Nkurunziza to pen a letter to EAC Boss, Yoweri Museveni as to raise the concern on the matter.

Bilatral ties tension between Rwanda and Burundi started in 2015 following the failed coup which was widely claimed to be backed by Rwanda.

However, Rwanda vehemently denied these accusations citing there are no interest in destabilizing Burundi.



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