On Sunday 01 October 2017, Rogan Kirenga aged of 3 years is awarded after he rode 5km on a bicycle in a car Free day sport organized by Kigali City.

Rogan Kirenga was born in a family which appreciates cycling sport. From Kacyiru he was with his parents and his elder brother aged of seven years,  each verybody was riding his own bicycle.

Arriving at Kimihurura, Rogan and his mother turned towards Rwanda Revenu Authority whereas his father and his elder brother continued the road towards Kigali city (Nyarugenge) and came back to Kimihurura.

All participants were gathered at Kimihurura with their leaders and they awarded differently.

There was the Mayor of Kigali city, Pascal Nyamurinda, his Vice Mayor Parfait Busabizwa, the minister of health Dr Diane Gashumba, the state minister of public and primary healthcare, Patrick Ndimubanzi, and the Minister of Sport and Culture Julienne Uwacu.

While awarding, they started from Rogan Kirenga as the youngest sportive of the day; at 3 years from Kacyiru to Kimihurura on a bicycle he was awarded. The second was the heaviest participants of the day to be awarded and the eldest aged of 73years.

Among the awards, there were toilettes materials (body lotions and soaps), water and sport materials.

Rogan Kirenga was awarded by the Minister of health Dr Diane Gashumba but he was not confident to reach the podium and was being pictured by many photographers.

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According to his mother he feels very surprised and his father, Dr Jimmy Gasore explains how his family likes cycling.

He says, “All my family members like cycling. We are not planning to be professionals but some of us are young enough to choose”.

“For us riding bicycle is our favorite sport from the youngest to the eldest. It is an exercise that helps to gather together as a family. We can also do it as a hobby rather than being in ICT like Phones or TV” adds Dr Gasore.

Doctor Gasore is an in the domain of Air quality and climate. He works in REMA (Rwanda Environment management Agency). From his childhood he likes riding bicycle but there no special case among his family.

He advices to parents to encourage children to make sport in cycling and avoiding accident by giving him a bicycle which appropriate to his age because it is good way to teach a child to do sport and like it without accident, especially in cycling. For him it is difficult to find such a bicycle because they are expensive and hopes that as far as the trade is improving they will be cheep.

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